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Company Profile

We would like to introduce ourselves as a family owned food industry involved in the manufacture and export of a wide range of pickles, achars, chutney, curry pastes and curry powders. We have over the last 50 years regularly exported to countries like UK, Australia, Japan, Canada, USA etc.

Our pickles are of mild variety and slightly sweetened, which will be suitable for the population who would not like very hot pickles. Our achars are slightly different from our pickles. They are hot pickles for people who want real hot pickles. Our chutneys are sweet and pungent made with Mango and Lime. Other than pickles and chutneys, we have two varieties of curry powders - hot and mild, and have a number of curry pastes which are a mixture of spices cooked in oil, for different types of curry, savoury rice, soups etc. To make a curry or a savoury rice, one need to know much of cooking but just follow the instructions on the bottle or tin.

  • Mango Pickle
  • Lime Pickle
  • Brinjal Pickle
  • Lime Achar
  • Mango Achar
  • Mango Chutney
  • Curry Past Vindaloo
  • Curry powder Hot
  • Curry paste fish
  • Curry Powder Mild etc.,

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