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Company Profile

Ours is a leading engineering unit which offers services and cooperation in the field of fabrication, erection and project work

Boilers: Installation and registration of boilers. Repairs of boilers, economisers and air heaters. Annual maintenance contracts of boilers for physical and chemical cleaning.

Chimneys: Self supporting and guy rope supported chimneys and ducting.

Pressure Vessels: Pressure vessels, heat exchangers, agitators, reaction vessels.

Tanks Day, storage tanks in MS and SS

Piping IBR HP and LP piping and utility piping in MS and LS

Insulation: Hot and cold insulation

Equipment: Erection and alignment of heavy equipment

Inspection: Third party inspection jobs.

Major Jobs Executed

  • Rallies Ltd
  • Reliance Ltd
  • Southseas Dist Ltd
  • Rajshree Polyfills Ltd
  • Mehta Sulfite, Tarapur etc

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