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The first business of the family was started in the name and style of A K Appanna Setty and Sons over 100 years ago at Tumkur from the enterprising spirit of Sri A K Appanna Setty. My father Sri. A K A Rajappa who lost his father at his tender age of 4 years. My father's elder brother Sri. A K A Dharanappa took up the entire burden of all business activities and groomed my father and his other brother A K A Parswanath and looked after them till they came of age. This firm made its beginning at Tumkur. It started by purchasing various commodities by auctions and purchases from farmers directly and dealing in those commodities through Mandi, the name called for these type of Trade. Acting as commission agents for small growers was also one of the major activities from these sections by its high level of integrity and ethical standards.

After the first world war the firm started its ground nut oil business. That is the time Wallcasts Brothers Rally's Louies Drefors Company started their activities in Tumkur. That was also the time when merchatns were dependent on few money lenders for their capital. Looking at this plight of the merchants Sri. Dharanappa played an important role in having a branch of the Bank of Mysore, now well known as the State Bank of Mysore at Tumkur and it started its first operations in our building.

During 1928/29 the firm entered the field of industry and it started an oil and rice mill. It also had its own vehicles for transportatino. Those were the days when these mills were run on steam engines.

In 1943 a branch was opened inMadugiri and our business in Bangalore was started during Jau 1944 as a branch office, Sri. A K A Rajappa looked after Bangalore Office and his elder brother A K A Parswanath was looking after Tumkur activites. Sri. Parswanath was also instrumental in giving birth to Tumkur Grain Merchants Co-operative Bank which is now one of the most efficient merchants run Co-operative bank. He was the founder president and held that post for the first 13 years till the Reserve Bank restrictions prevented him from continuing in that position.

A.R Nirmalkumar that is myself was the president of Bangalore Petroleum Dealers Association for 9 years and Vice President of All India Federation of Petroleum Traders for 5 years, present of Karnataka Kerosene Dealers Association for the past 16 years.

These petroleum dealership was our nearest relationship to Auto Mobile trade before Maruthi Authorised Service Station and this LML Two Wheeler Dealership. These business activites are now managed by myself, A.R.Nirmalkumar and my two sons A N Mahavir and A N Navin.

After the liberalization of the economic policy by the Government of India we have developed interest in the dealership of the growing sector of automobiles and we are now happy to be associated with LML limited as one of the dealers in Bangalore.

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