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Company Profile

Bal Endura Adhesives India Pvt Ltd. was established in the year 1997. We are a manufacturer of all kinds of building constructino adhesives and grouts. This 5th versionof our Dossier is more in form and content a product brochure as we highlight and illustrate our products in a different manner. this reflects Bal Endura's on-going acceptance over seven years in Indian Construction.

We now present Bal Endura Adhesives, Grouts and Ancillaries; The products and their uses, Jobs specifying that the reader can approach what product for which job from both directions. In both respects we provide the most relevant technical details.

We again give summaries by pictures of different projects of tile and stone fixing, listing some major examples in India of these projects. these illustrate the scope for Bal Endura products in .... floor and wall tilling, external cladding, swimming pools, industrial and commercial flooring and fixing more specialist ceramic, glass or stone products, refurbishment, tile on tile, tile on mosaic, tile on wood, steel etc...

We are pleased to expanded throughout India and have depots from Chandigarh to Trivandrum and with many dealers from Jammu to Nagarcoil. We also personally can confirm that Bal Endura is now well known across India and has a high reputation for product quality and service which, I believe, is unmatched by any competitor. Our commitment and focus is to be the benchmark for building adhesives and grouts in all aspects of tile and stone fixing.

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