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Company Profile

Cookvel Appliances Pvt.Ltd. is a manufacturer of all kinds of cookwares and pressure cookers. It was started in the year 1976. The awesome reputation has slowly grown over the years as Cookvel from its very inception to the present day has always stressed on 'value for money'. Choosing the right materials, the special care during the manufacturing process, checking and rechecking to ensure quality and the modern safe packaging has made Cookvel what it is today - the hallmark of the industry.

In keeping with the needs of the modern housewife Cookvel has designed an elegant range of user friendly kitchen products that combines functional utility with modern convenience.

Cookvel respects its strong marketing network of distributors, dealers and retailers spread all over the country, by following god marketing practices and maintaining high standards.

Innovations at Cookvel are always focussed to provide customers greater delight as Cookvel regularly raises levels of quality to provide customers total satisfaction.

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