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Company Profile

Dr.Shastris Chiropractic Physiotherapy and Naturopathy Clinic was started in the year 1964. We are a partnership firm consist of 4 staff members to handle our firms. We are catering to all corporates and individuals.

Dr.Shastri, a veteran freedom fighter and Gandhian, had been practicing and operating a chiropractic and naturopathy based healing centre in Mumbai, since last 55 years. Late Dr.R.P.Shastri, who himself acquired initial training and diploma in Chiropractic in U.S.A. in 1948 at The National College of Chiropractic, Lombard, Illinois, under the above guidance of Late Dr. Joseph Jhansi, then trained his daughter Bhartiben in 1964 in Chiropractic who subsequently worked with Dr.Shastri in running Chiropractic Clinic at Charni Road, in South Mumbai, which was started by Dr. Shastri in 1949.

At this clinic, Dr.Shastri worked and treated several hundreds of patients suffering from disorders of spine and joints. He wrote many books and series of scientific articles for the enhancement of the knowledge of chiropractic.

Dr.Shastri, Bharatiben and Jyotiben (who joined since 1983) as a team successfully conducted many health camps. Bharatiben and Jyotiben lost the valuable support of late Dr.Raghubhai Shastri in 1995 when they shifted the health centre to Borivli (W).

Since 1995 both these disciples of Dr.Shastri have been implementing the acquired knowledge of Chiropractic from Late Dr.Shastri and curing the ailments of spinal disorder and because of their sincere persistence the Chiropractic treatment has been kept alive in India and is benefiting the patients at large.

The Road Back to Health

In the majority of cases, patients receiving chiropractic care will feel better with days, hours, or even minutes. But when you have travelled the rough road from health to sickness it is only fair to warn you that the road back to health may not be entirely free of obstacles and disappointments.

This "Road Back to Health' Process often takes time-days, weeks, or even months, depending upon the extent of damage done. In the meantime, some plaian or discomfort, though usually mild and temporary, may be experienced. This is known as "Recovery Symptoms".

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