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Smart Solutions for Combustion and Emission

Company Profile

Durag Group is a worldwide supplier and developer of measurement and control technology. Areas of applications includes Combustion systems in commercial and industrial plants and Environmental monitoring of emissions.

Durag products are installed in combustion application applications worldwide and find use throughout the power generation and process industries.

Our Customers include plant operators, design and engineering companies, construction companies and systems integrators throughout the world.

We owe our success to a highly motivated team of employees, whose qualifications and continuing education ensure our future competitiveness in the international marketplace. With a global network of sales and service offices, Durag can meet the needs of clients on every continent.

Durag group is well known for the highest standards of quality. We not only manufacture our products today according to national and European standards, but also offer a variety of products bearing international approvals form organizations including the US EPA, UL and FM. Furthermore, Durag has for years been ISO 9001 certified. All the requirements of ISO 9001 have been fully implemented throughout the company.

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