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Dr.Navin L.Hiranandani has been the Hon. E.N.T. Surgeon and Professor of E.N.T. and Head and Neck at B.Y.L. Nair Hospital and Topiwalla National Medical College, Mumbai. he is also the Hon.E.N.T. Surgeon at the Mumbai Hospital.

He passed his D.O.R.L. Diploma in 1962. In 1965 he graduated with distinction in the M.S.Examination of the University of Bombay.

He visited Bordeaux University in France and Qualified further in Surgery of the ear in 1966.

Further worked in microsurgery of the ear and also did considerable work on the subject of chronic vaso-motor rhinits as published in the year 1966 in J.L.O. London.

Read more than fifty papers in various national and international conferences.

Fifty papers have been published in the national and intenational journals in the subject of otolaryngology.

For several years he has been working in the field of otoneurosurgery, doing surgical operatinos for Menier's disease.

He has recently published an article on "New Concept in Meniere's Syndrome" in Indian Journal of Otolaryngology.

He has worked as and Hon.Secretary of The Association of Otolaryngologists of India for a period of three years during 1981 to 1984.

The list of articles published in Medical Journals.

Acute Hemorrahagic Tonsilitis - I.J.O. Vol.XVII, No.4, Dec.65 and Jan 1966.

Aberrant Salivary Tumours - The J.L.O. Vol.LXXX No.6, June 1966.

Concretion in the Ear - The J.L.O. Vol.LXXX No.8 August 1966.

Ossifying Fibromas - The J.L.O.Vol.LXXX No.9, Sep.1966.

International Guest Lectures

Guest Lectures

  • Spain 1970 (International Guest Lecture)
  • Vidian nerve sectino in Chronic vasomotor rhinitis 100 cases.
  • USA Miami Florida International Conference of Oto larynogology.

    International Guest Lectures

  • Cholesteatoma in tympanpmastoid Surgery
  • Ozsiculoplasty in tympanoplasty surgery
  • Intramastoid and intrapetrous decompression of the facial nerve.

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