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J.Davis Prosound introduces V-Dosc to Bangalore.

J. Davis Pro Sound Purchased a stock of V-Dosc from Electrocraft Mumbai, so it becomes the first company to introduce the Line array system in the south India.

The reason for L-Acoustics.

In 1998 we were looking for a serious loudspeaker system to take our company into the future. It had been a long search nearly two years and many different and weird products. Also we toured number of places outside the country to find ourselves the best sounding system. Finally we had the opportunity to listen to V- Dosc for the Bryan Adams event at Mumbai. Electrocraft was the first company to bring the line array technology to India. Mr. Roger Drego Managing Director of the Company and a very close family friend of us kept telling us about the technology involved behind V-Dosc and how the system works. Thus Bryan Adams provided us the right opportunity to test the system. All our technical crew went for the concert and were present at the venue right from the setup till the loading of the trucks. We couldn't believe our eyes with the ease and speed the sound was setup. We couldn't believe what we had heard. I listened to the system over several hours during the system check and band check & with different sets of source material and talked it over in detail with the operators. I was even more surprised to find that the product was operating flat and at no more than 60% of its capability whilst it was pinning me to the wall with a sound pressure that did not hurt and was phenomenal in its coverage and stereo image. From that time it was ours and it was V-DOSC.

J.Davis deals in following equipments.

  • Speakers Systems
  • Mixing Consoles
  • OutBoard
  • Fx Processors
  • Microphones
  • Power Amplifiers



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