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Company Profile

Kreisel Pumps Designs,Develops & manufactures a variety of special purpose pumps for special duties,this has been the requirement of chemical & process industry in India &else where in the world.

The person heading the design team has 30 years of experience in designing Rotating hydraulic & electrical machines and is well versed with international standards for materials of construction testing procedures (etc.).

Our team is divided into 3 sections.

(1)Looks into the flow characteristics in stationary &rotating Cascades hence our manufacturing programs covers all specific speed pumps from Radial flow,Mixed flow to Axial flow pumps.

(2) The other looks into the mechanical aspects like Shaft bending, diameter of shaft critical speeds of rotating assemblies.

(3)Looks into the hydrodynamic sealing &bearings. For customers have always special requirements!Where by it demands a lot of innovative ideas, which is besides,only pumping of liquids,it is now to make the process setup efficient,so that with the pump installed in the process ,it gives also efficient output results in power saving.

Please note that our well equipped hydraulic lab is situated at the above said address where in we are having the facilities for testing upto 750(m)3/hr& 200mlc (2metre liquid column). as per ISO 2858/Hydraulic Institution PTC, BIS 5180.

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