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Company Profile

We Panch Dhatu is one of the leading Non-Ferrous Foundry situated in south Asia's largest Industrial Area, Peenya in Bangalore. We are in the business of manufacturing the Centrifugal Castings, Die Castings and Sand Castings of Copper alloys and Aluminium alloys from last 12 years. It is backed up by a team of Professional Engineers and Experienced Employees.

We have medium frequency induction furnace and oil fired furnace for melting and moulding / core making by Green sand / Nobake Sank / Oil Sand / CO2 process. We have in house facilities for machining of components, Heat treatment fo castings in pre-machined or fully machined conditions. We have done a single casting of 950 Kgs in Copper alloy and 230 Kgs in Aluminium alloys. We are regularly doing the castings/die castings of the following alloys.

Phosphor Bronze, Aluminium Bronze, Gun Metal, Nickel Silver, Manganese Bronze, Tin Bronze, Brass, Aluminium, Silicon alloys, Aluminium Magnesium alloys, Nickle Aluminium Bronze.

We manufacture the white metal bearings (Babbit bearings) with base metal as steel / bronze.

Tin Bronzes

The tin bronzes based on Cu-Sn system have strength, hardness and bearing qualities which make them suitable for Gears, Worms, Bearing Plates, Sleeves and Liners. Tin bronzes are corrosion resistance and have very high ductility.

Leaded Bronze

Some Tin bronzes contains small amount of lead. Since lead is precipitated late during freezing and fills in areas which might otherwise becomes shrinkage porosity it is easier to produce leak proof castings for valves and fittings.

Aluminium Bronzes

The aluminium bronzes are the strongest and most complex of the copper based bearing alloys. The exhibiting aluminium in eutectoid at 11.8% at 565oC enables the high aluminium content alloy to be heat treated in a manner similar to the steels.

Manganese Bronzes (High Tensile Brasses)

Manganese bronzes are modifications are brasses containing small additions of manganese, iron and aluminium. Like aluminium bronzes they combine very high strength with excellent corrosion resistance. These alloys find application such as worm, gears, propellers and impellers.

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