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We humbly began in the year 1994 by pioneering in India the development of the smoothest, user friendly, most advanced and accurate medical treadmill, with direct interface through Rs. 232/485 computer interface standard. Our range of medical treadmills brand popularly as Cardio Track 900 XL and Tanduruse 594 XL series are used extensively physiotherapy, rehabilitation, stress testing, podiatry and many other applications. We now have over 1500 installations across the country.

For us the mission was clear. To focus on developing the most simple, comfortable use friendly treadmills for gymnasiums and other commercial institutions. So we developed our brands, swift, stallion and marathon treadmills by powering them with a 3 HP, 3 phase A.C. Motor and an AC inverter drive. This technology has minimal failure rate compared to traditional treadmills with a DC motor. In treadmills with DC motors maintenance cost is high on account of frequent failures. Even the power consumption in our treadmills is very low. The AC inverter drive system keeps the motor cooler thus ensuring of a longer motor life. We have also tropicalised our treadmills to suit the Indian climate and consumer needs.

  • Our consoles are user friendly and easily understood at a glance, but sophisticated enough to keep the user interested to go to the extra mile.
  • Our treadmills are reliable because all components used in them are first subjected to tests in our laboratory
  • Our treadmills are comfortable. We use elastomers to cushion our decks strategically so that even after long usage our patrons will not suffer ankle or knee stress.

    We have also launched new advanced state-of-the-art upright commercial bike with 2 heart rate control programs, 4 preset programs, 1 customs program and manual 5 advanced options: 100 user programs, calorie goal, group and solo racing and fitness test.

    About the Promoter

    Our technical director Mr. Ramdas has a welath of experience in the field of electronic instrumentation and medical equipment. He gained extensive experience earlier while associating in Hewlett Packard Limited and Systems Biomedical India Pvt Ltd. He has travelled widely all over USA while he was associeated with Hewlett Packard, Meditronic INC, Baker Instruments, Devol Inc USA.

    He in the past pioneered and developed several products like digital pH Meter, Mulitmeter, Alpha numerical display, giant digital clock, single and three channel ECG machine, ventilator and microprocessor based treadmill controller and whispermill. He is solely responsible for setting up the manufacturing facility of our parent company health and fitness products and subsequently perfect Fitness Technology Pvt Ltd, which are growing at a rapid pace.

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