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Before giving a profile of both of these firms I wanted to introduce few things about a word called OPTOMETRY. As there is very less knowledge about Optometry field in India, because every time when a patient walks in a optician shop he or she expect that a EYE Dr. should examine their eyes, which is not at all possible due to very less population of EYE Dr. in India per city OR state, and also due to increment in number of shops are opening without any specific knowledge in this field.
This is happening just because of there is no legalization or rule in India for opening any Optician shop like you requiring a license for opening a medical shop.
This is my serious attempt to make you all aware of Optometry and it's importance in examine your eyes at primary health care level.

What is Optometry?

Optometry is a primary hea1th care science, which deals with the structure, function mid working of the human eye, specially in relation to Visual, Optical problems like Refractive errors and their correction by various Optical aids like spectacles, contact lenses. For details visit following links like

Who is an Optometrist?

World Council of Optometry defines an Optometrist as a primary eye care professional, institutionally (minimum 2 -4 yrs.) educated and clinically trained to examine, diagnose and correct the refractive Optical errors of the Visual system by prescribing spectacles, Contact Lenses, Low Vision Aids and Vision therapy eye exercises to patients complaining of Visual symptoms.

SAWANT OPTICIANS has entered the fourth decade of providing Optometric care. Established in the year 1972, since then there were so many different Optometrist and even Ophthalmologist had worked under this shelter. We are the pioneers in the field of Opticians in Dombivli. From purely a Spectacle dispensing practice we have grown into a comprehensive Optometric set up providing the following services

  • Computerized and manual eye testing for scientific refraction to get the best possible vision.
  • Speciality contact lenses for cylindrical correction and even for bifocals.
  • Clinical diagnostics to rule out different eye diseases and referral to particular specialist.
  • Applanation Tonometry for checking eye pressure which is responsible to cause a most dangerous disease called Glaucoma.
  • Automated Perimetry for checking your visual fields which usually decreases in Glaucoma disease due to damage of retinal nerves.
  • Low vision devices to make the best use of your residual vision when everything else fails to improve your vision.
  • Complete range of glasses, plastics, bifocals, and multifocals available to fulfill your professional requirement.

Our clinic is equipped with the latest instruments from the best companies

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